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In essence, any text you can read as well as any text you hear, whether it is a radio program or your friend’s talk on the phone, has its content. That is another question whether this is high-quality content or not. But still you can find it in everything which can be interpreted as human speech, both written and oral. Consequently, there should be people who create content, because it obviously cannot appear out of nowhere. Logical thinking would prompt us that these people can be called content-writers.

If you think this suggests that content-writers provide custom writing services, you are absolutely right. However, these services feature so many different aspects, which are sometimes really challenging, that their providers just cannot get bored. Still, this is what we like about our job. You see, even when we know what exactly we are going to work with, we can hardly foresee how deep the given topic is. Of course, this may sometimes slow and complicate the whole process of work, but at the same time this adds some piquancy to the entire project and lets us learn loads of new things.

So, it looks like it is time to shed more light on who we are, what we do, and what this blog is all about. Alright! We are going to start right now!

Meet Our Team of Expert Content-Writers

This is one of those jobs which require a lot of different skills and knowledge. What is more, you can never guess what skill or knowledge you will lack when you are facing a completely new task. But our experience lets us tell you that the more you learn and work, the easier it becomes for you to approach things you have no idea of.

If we return to the question about the knowledge and skills a good content-writer needs, we would say that the so obvious writing skill is almost never enough. One of our bloggers claims that if you want to create original high-quality content, then you need to understand perfectly what it is going to be about. It does not mean that if your website is about traveling, you should dive into the history of the first discoveries. But still you need to have at least some general knowledge of the sphere of tourism and be at least a beginner traveler.

Team Discussing

Sharing Our Experience

Before our teamwork became a regular everyday activity, before we turned into a budding company whose members received orders and participated in many outer projects, we were graduates of a few different colleges with very different work experience. Our writing skills and more or less profound knowledge of SEO became the base or platform for our teamwork. At the same time, each of us used and, in fact, is using his or her personal knowledge and skills in order to build and improve what we have now.

Today we are a successful team of professional content writers, bloggers, website developers and marketing specialists. We love what we do and we want to share what we have learnt and achieved with you!

What We Mean by Content in General

Although content cannot be considered separately from a particular text, it is not a text as you see it when you are reading a book or scrolling through a web page. Content is the information which this book or website is intended to provide you with.

However, in its turn, this information cannot be imagined without a text which it fills. So, in general, in order not to confuse ourselves, we can accept that content is everything that you, as an Internet user, can read on a web page when you open it.

So, if someone asks you what on earth content-writers do, you can easily answer that these guys write all those texts on all those websites. They do not make buttons or hyperlinks work, but they are authors of those words which are written on the button or of which the hyperlink “consists”. Of course, that is not to mention dozens and hundreds of articles and blog posts. They actually fill the World Wide Web with all those huge amounts of information for which we value it so much today.


Spheres of Our Interests or What We Will Tell You About

Let us briefly overview our blog to see what you can expect from it. Besides, there will be some surprises and outside-the-box posts, which will provide you with interesting info, inspiration and just good mood! Here we go!

  • Catch writing and blogging tips and tricks from the team of expert content-writers! (Effectiveness checked in practice.)
  • Find out how to find a good writing job which you will really love.
  • A writer cannot but work with the language, so here we will reveal many linguistic secrets of English for you.
  • Explore the modern world with us! Check the latest global news and novelties, learn about the most recent tendencies and controversies right here!
  • We are going to travel back in time and learn plenty of interesting things about the history of humanity.

Welcome to follow our updates and enjoy your time with us!