Globalization and Art: Important Features


In the previous article we paid our attention to standards of globalization, and in this essay paper we will outline the main issues concerning globalization’s influence on art. As the economic area continues to develop, it is hard for the art to stay unique and untouchable. Everything subjects to the laws of the world economy, artists worry more about whether the product will be sold than about the value this piece of art carries. Here you can find creative ideas for your essay on this topic! To learn more – click here!

Art Profit

Money for Art

Inevitably we should recall the prophetic words of Andy Warhol, who recognized the art in the business and business in the art. Assuming this, the existence of the same motive makes a profit, and the creation of pictures brings money. In fact, the risk is not significant. The more valuable a picture is, the more likely it will bring profit to its owner in the future.

So, you can fill your essay with your views on the connections between money and art.

Art as a System

Art Essay

The art market is a very complex system, and it should be analyzed in your essay. How do you know, for example, when a billionaire sells another picture for billions? What’s the point of this? Who is this man then? The one, who is manipulating cultural values, or an ordinary businessman? It turns out that businessmen are more important than the artists, just because they have more money and are more involved in the processes of economic globalization. They allow themselves to speculate in works of art (paintings), thanks to the fact that they possess enormous resources, in contrast to the artists. Due to their money, they take possession of the paintings of the highest values and unconditional importance, which they would have never had if it was not for the money. In the world of globalization money is the equivalent of art as it is.

Creative Pricing Policy

Price Tag

Earlier, by the “masterpiece” we meant a piece of art which has become the brainchild of the high professionalism of its creator. Now it is overgrown with many illusions and myths that make people go blind, grow stupid and pay millions for such “art”. According to art dealer Ben Heller of New York, this mythical status is called the “creative pricing policy”. Even a single word or action is able to turn the art market at 180 degrees, so that the art will be an easy space to manipulate. Just two or three agents are able to create excitement and raise the price of paintings incredibly, even if it is created by the young artist. So, in your essay, you could also mention the changes that happened in art industry throughout the history.

Demand and Supply

A few hundreds of years ago, the prices of paintings by old masters were very low. The art market had not been formed yet: there were few collectors, little art history departments, museums were haphazard. Consequently, there were no opportunities for the demand to exceed the supply. However, now the objects of art of the past have received a new right to life. Only twenty years ago, the word “antique” was referred to subjects which were aged as at least 100 years old. Nevertheless, now it is indiscriminately applied to all pieces of art created even two days ago.

The Same Topics

Mass Culture

Globalization has also caused a problem of identity to those who work in the art industry. Artists create pop culture themes, everything is done to satisfy the customer. They do not express their creative ambitions. Caring about money and the possibility to be sold, they reject the opportunity to create their artistic name, to show the unique style they feel passionate about. Globalization removes the line between different cultures and different forms of art.

It is all caused by implementation of the standards and global rules. People do not care about saving their national identity anymore, they just generate something that looks similar to what is modern, popular and successful. They orient their art in the direction to the demand, but this way starts not from their minds and souls. Your essay could reflect how art correlates with the definition of mass culture and the social demands as well.

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