How to Build Link Popularity

Building link popularity is an important technique of Search Engine Optimization. Link popularity is a measure of the quantity and quality of other web sites that link to a specific site on the World Wide Web. Given below are the 9 steps to excel at link popularity

  1. Have highly informative content which will help in building your link popularity by involving increasing the number of websites to link to yours.
  2. Article marketing is another way of increasing link popularity. You could submit articles to article directories. If your articles are accepted, they will be included in their pages. If you will submit just one article to a thousand directories, you’d have a thousand pages linking to your website.
  3. Internet now a day is full of forums where people discuss various issues, all you need to do is participate in related forums and put your subscription link in your signature.
  4. Advertise at classified websites like To have a link in a website like this would give a tremendous boost to your own website. Simply go to that site and choose the category that your pages belong to, and then post your advertisement, with your link of course.
  5. Look for partners who are willing to include your list in their pages. There exists a tool at to do this.
  6. Triangular linking

This is what it means; look for two or more website owners who are willing to give it a shot. Owner A could post a link to Owners B’s website in his own pages. Owner B can post a link to Owner C’s website in his own pages. And Owner C can post a link to Owner A’s website in his own pages.

  1. Provide Free for All (FFA) link pages
  2. Offer Link-share services
  3. Give Editorial Links

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