Standardization as Globalization Power: Important Features


In the previous article, we tried to show how the paper about globalization can be structured. We outlined the main issues, concerning the globalization, and gave you a clear idea on how to write your essay paper. This time we will continue our talk about the mentioned issue, analyzing such processes as standardization and unification in different countries. To learn more – click here!

Introduction to Globalization

Standardization of industrial products and unification of record keeping, documentation, international law give us an opportunity to create the separate concept. It is a set of rules designed to ensure cooperation and an unambiguous interpretation of the conditions of production, business, control and security requirements. In your essay paper you can mention what this notion covers:

  • Coordination and development of different independent corporations;
  • Use of standardized data exchange protocols;
  • Providing protection, encoding, and decoding of information:
  • Carrying approvals required for the globalization process.
  • Along with the development of the system of international standards, there is a mandatory certification of goods and services.

The certificate is a document confirming the quality of the goods or services. The certificate enables:

  • Protection of the market from products of inferior quality;
  • Limiting the ability of developing countries to get to the rich markets.

Standardization is moving in the two directions: the coding of goods and the standardization of goods and services. This barcode is the global language of commerce.

Spread All over the World in English

Globalization Paper

One more important point for your paper is language policy. There is a need in the language that can be understood by everybody in a global society. Choosing English as a global language of globalization is facilitated by the following factors:

  • the political and military power of countries speaking this language;
  • a strong economy and the effect of such countries on a global scale;
  • scientific and technological revolution and the presence of a high-level scientific and technical research;
  • a large number of former British colonies;
  • victory of Great Britain and the US in the First and Second World wars; dominance in the post-war era;
  • the spread of mass media;
  • dissemination of advertisements;
  • the success of native speakers;
  • Internet distribution.

It should be noted in your paper that, according to experts, the modern processes of globalization are contradictory. So, on the one hand, globalization opens up new opportunities for economic and technological progress, development of high technologies and new means of communication, expanding and deepening international cooperation. However, on the other hand, the gap between rich and poor countries is getting bigger, national currency and the economy are undermined, the conditions for manipulating the mass consciousness through the latest information technologies appear.

Manipulation of Mass Consciousness

This is a kind of psychological impact, the result of which is a hidden excitement and the emergence of the recipients’ intentions that do not correlate with their real desires. Manipulation is created by the use of behaviors; substitution of concepts; creating metaphors; mythologizing; distractions.

With the development of mass media, people have the opportunity to impact on the consciousness of the masses all over the world. The changes are implemented with different tools such as television, films, popular art, and global networks. Television is able to shape the minds and create the viewer’s desired world that has no connection with reality. Mass art creates a virtual life simulating reality, the so-called simulacra – a locking means in a state of “generation, with the help of models, no real source and reality: the hyperreality” (Jean Baudrillard).

The factors of manipulation risk include:

  • loss of adequate perception of reality on a global scale;
  • destruction of the individuality;
  • use of the masses in the various “dirty” political processes.


In the society where the majority of the people are led by standards, preferences and stereotypes imposed by the media, a “mass-man” comes onto the historical arena. This person feels “the same as all” and does not seek self-perfection. To them the world seems a wide field on which they can apply their energy and enterprise.

Your paper should contain your attitude towards how manipulation of mass consciousness, loss of traditional human values and historical roots can make the most trusting, unscrupulous people choose the path of extremism and terrorism.

Therefore, a kind of negative response to globalization is the growth of terrorist activity. Early in the 21st century, terrorism began to acquire global features:

  • It becomes an international threat;
  • It has an extensive financial base;
  • It uses the latest technology;
  • It expands the scope of activities.

The world community is fighting against international terrorism. Stricter laws, enforcement actions are carried out, but this has not led to the elimination of terrorist organizations yet.

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